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Tekmar Group works together to provide leading technology and services to the global offshore energy markets.


Tekmar Group's technology and services support the global offshore energy markets.

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To enable the world’s energy transition, reflecting our responsibility to future generations.


Collaborating with our stakeholders, we will deliver robust, sustainable technology and services utilising our talented and diverse team that will enable the Group to grow significantly and profitably.


Work together: We foster teamwork without boundaries, to ensure the best results are delivered in an environment where people feel empowered, safe, trusted, confident and inspired to develop.

Do things right: We take a united approach towards Safety, Quality and Delivery. We lead by example and constantly find ways to raise standards. We challenge the norm and have courage to stand up for what is right.

Break the boundaries: We collaborate with our customers and constantly look for ways to develop our technology and services to make today’s impossible tomorrow’s deliverable.


Tekmar Group has five primary operating companies; these are Ryder Geotechnical Limited, AgileTek Engineering Limited, Tekmar Energy Limited and Pipeshield International Limited.

  • Ryder Geotechnical provides expert geotechnical design and consulting services to the offshore wind and subsea oil and gas sectors. Services include offshore structure foundation design, geohazard assessment and subsea cable routing and burial assessment
  • AgileTek Engineering is an award-winning subsea engineering consultancy. AgileTek de-risk offshore projects through advanced simulation and analysis. Services include offshore installation analysis; Structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA); Cable 360, which minimises risks associated with cables; thermal and electrical analysis; diffraction-radiation analysis and Pipeline Lateral Stability Analysis (PILS) for subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines.
  • Tekmar Energy is a global market leader in subsea cable, umbilical and flexible pipe protection systems. Tekmar Energy delivers turnkey packages from the initial stage of technical engineering through to detailed design, product development, product testing, manufacturing, project management, client training, offshore installation support and remedial solutions for repair. Tekmar Energy is not responsible for the offshore installation and vessel marine activity.
  • Pipeshield International is a market leading provider of specialised subsea protection solutions in the form of concrete mattresses used for the stabilisation and impact protection of subsea equipment in areas where they cannot be buried and further to limit the development of scour (seabed erosion) particularly local to that of a foundation, pipeline or in marine ports.

Global Operations

UK: Newton Aycliffe, Darlington, Newcastle, London, Lowestoft, Blyth and Montrose

Europe: Hamburg and Sassnitz (Germany)

Rest of the World: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Singapore and China


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