Group companies

The Group's three primary operating companies are Tekmar Energy Limited, AgileTek Engineering Limited and Subsea Innovation Limited.

Group Structure

Tekmar Group has three primary operating companies; these are Tekmar Energy Limited, AgileTek Engineering Limited and Subsea Innovation Limited.

  • Tekmar Energy is a global market leader in subsea cable, umbilical and flexible pipe protection systems. Tekmar Energy deliver turnkey packages from the initial stage of technical engineering through to detailed design, product development, product testing, manufacturing, project management, client training, offshore installation support and remedial solutions for repair. Tekmar Energy is not responsible for the offshore installation and vessel marine activity.
  • Tekmar Energy splits its services into the Offshore Wind Farm division; which focusses on the provision of subsea protection for power transmission cables from and between offshore wind turbines. The Offshore Wind Farm division produces several products and has to date supplied projects on three continents, more than any other supplier globally.
  • Tekmar Energy also has its Subsea division focusing primarily on the provision of subsea protection for umbilicals and flexible pipes to the oil and gas market.
  • AgileTek Engineering is an award-winning subsea engineering consultancy. AgileTek de-risk offshore projects through advanced simulation and analysis. Services include, offshore installation analysis; Structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA); Cable 360, which minimises risks associated with cables; thermal and electrical analysis; diffraction-radiation analysis and Pipeline Lateral Stability Analysis (PILS) for subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines.
  • Subsea Innovation is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of complex engineered equipment and technology used in the offshore energy market. Its products include large equipment handling systems which operate on the back of pipelay installation vessels; emergency pipeline repair clamps (EPRC) which protect major oil and gas pipelines, and bespoke equipment for use in the construction of offshore energy projects.

Group Companies

Tekmar Energy Limited

Agilitek Engineering Limited

Subsea Innovation Limited