Major shareholders

The total number of shares in issue is 136,072,626. The number of shares not in public hands at 22 September 2023 was 79,112,355 representing 58.14% of the issued share capital at that date.

The identity and percentage holdings of the Company’s significant shareholders are set out in the table below. This is based on our latest share register and TR-1 notifications, where applicable.

Shareholder Shares held Percentage
SCF-IX, L.P. 43,616,569 32.05%
Schroders plc 27,147,956 19.95%
J O Hambro Capital Management Limited 12,683,333 9.32%

Directors’ shareholdings:

Shareholder Shares held Percentage
Steve Lockard 3,888,889 2.86%
Alasdair MacDonald 3,049,867 2.24%
Julian Brown 30,341 0.02%
Ian Ritchey 33,333 0.02%