Tekmar Group Celebrates RYDER’s Strategic Workshop to Integrate and Inspire


Following the strategic merger that created RYDER from AgileTek Engineering and Ryder Geotechnical, Tekmar Group is proud to highlight the recent workshop held at RYDER’s new Newcastle office. This event was part of the Sharing in Growth and Offshore Wind Growth Partnership transformation programme, aimed at aligning and inspiring the newly combined teams with the wider group’s vision, mission, and values.

The workshop, expertly facilitated by Nick Wright, was designed to integrate the cultures and strategic objectives of the merged entities, ensuring that the combined workforce moves forward with a unified purpose.

“This workshop is pivotal in aligning RYDER’s goals with the broader visions and values of Tekmar Group,” said Alasdair MacDonald, CEO of Tekmar Group. “It reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation across all our projects and is a crucial step towards integrating our teams to operate seamlessly under the Tekmar umbrella.”

The session focused on fostering a culture of driving ‘Deep Confidence’, not just within RYDER but across all Tekmar Group operations. “Today’s efforts are foundational in harmonising our internal cultures and operational practices, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and stakeholders in every endeavour,” MacDonald added.

RYDER’s workshop underscores Tekmar Group’s dedication to leadership in the offshore energy sector, facilitating a smooth transition for the teams and setting the stage for future growth and innovation. “We are thrilled with the outcomes of today’s session, which equip our teams to drive strategic objectives forward under a shared ethos and operational synergy,” MacDonald noted.

For more information about how Tekmar Group and RYDER are leading innovation and excellence in the offshore energy sector, please visit www.tekmar.group.

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